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Astrology Readings and Consultations

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Looking for advice and guidance but not sure where to start?
Astrological counseling can help you gain a deeper insight into understanding yourself, your relationships, your strengths and weaknesses. Check the listings below for reputable astrologers who provide personal readings, consultations and various other services.

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  • Alan Grey Wolf - Life Consultant and healer, Alan's services are available as a recorded reading or meditation, or as a live consultation via the telephone.

  • AstroBarry - I combine many years of consulting experience with my extensive knowledge and intuition to interpret what I see in your astrology chart. I communicate in clear concise terms, and you're encouraged to ask questions, contribute ideas, and guide the conversation in your desired direction.

  • Astrology Wizard - Paul Wade's services are distinctive - from unique mini-consultations to full astro-consultations that are individually prepared with the skill that only comes from years of experience.

  • Empowering Astrology - Using the natal chart as a map, Katie Sweetman of Empowering Astrology pulls back the layers to uncover your soul's intentions for this lifetime in addition to the lessons you set up for maximum growth. Her services are a mixture of astrology and intuition, serving as a catalyst for healing and transformation. Check out her FAQ for more information.

  • Heavenly Messages with Melissa Stratton - I use astrology, tarot and dream analysis in my personalized counseling sessions. Your birth chart is a road map which I can help you interpret for clearer direction in your life. Once you grasp this profound information, challenges begin to lift and your gifts are able to shine much more fully. This is the basis and we go from there based on your needs.

  • Inner Power Astrology - I offer consultations for relationships, career, finances and personal development. Create your most abundant reality by re-connecting with your own inner power as written in the stars. More than just counseling, I provide probabilities of outcomes and timing so you can make better decisions now. Choose an accurate personalized report or live reading in person or via telephone. Visit my site to view list of astrology services.

  • Integral Astrology - Astrologer Armand Diaz, Ph.D., offers consultations for relationship, career, and spiritual and personal development. Choice-centered and nonjudgmental, we'll work together using your astrological chart to create not only understanding but a plan to build your best future. Single sessions and extended astrological coaching are available.

  • Jean Wiley's Astrology and Empowerment Blog - In this time of fast moving energy inviting us to merge our soul wisdom with our human body and experience, we are required to clear fear and heal wounds of the past. This, in turn, frees up energy to step into our passions and highest self. Jean is especially experienced in helping people co-create an abundant reality. We are moving from the information age into the intuition age - integrating the left with the powerful and creative right brain. Visit Jean today to view her astrology services.

  • Kristin Fontana - Kristin offers personal consultations sharing insight into the evolution of your Soul, helping you answer the great question, "WHY am I here?". She will discuss current astrological trends that are impacting your life, as well as the energy that lies on the horizon, with the sole intention to empower you forward!

  • Loving Light Astrologer - Specializing in readings that focus on your current life and the planetary influences around you, now and in your future. This practical and intuitive reading helps you understand the when and whys of your life and empowers you to make wise decisions for your personal and professional life.

  • Ruby Slipper Astrology - Nadia Gilchrist practices Traditional and Evolutionary astrology, with analytical readings that are focused on practical solutions. She strongly believes in the validity of Karma and past lives, but feels they're not much use if you can't make sense of them in the context of your daily life. She offers Skype or email consultations that range from detailed explorations to precisely targeted readings on one issue. Her goal is to empower you to make smart choices using the information in your natal chart. Astrology is the road map, but you're the driver.

  • Sally Kirkman - Top media astrologer Sally (Kirkman) has a down-to-earth yet spiritual approach to astrology. Combining the mundane with the magical, she is a compassionate and intuitive astrologer. Based in Guildford, Surrey, she offers consultations by Skype and phone. Contact details can be found at her popular website and astrology blog.

  • sarahsastrology.com - I am a professional astrologer who is focused on Western astrology. Astrology birth charts and reports, assorted astrology forecasts, astrology location maps, Arabic parts charts and report, electional readings, composite charts and reports, relationship charts and reports are available from the online shop on my website.

  • Starcana - Suzi Dronzek, offers readings that include intuitive astrology, spiritual tarot, and guidance for direction. Professional astrology reports are also available.

  • The Psychic One - Cynthia has provided astrology readings professionally for over 10 years. She is widely known for providing exact dates and details to answers relating to love, career, finances, health and the home. She helps her clients to get a long term outlook to their future with guidance and support.

  • Yasmin Boland - Yasmin Boland is one of the world's most widely-read astrologers. She is doing one-to-one readings for a limited time only! The readings include your natal chart, a look at what is coming up for you and Angel and Tarot card readings, if you would like. Click to book now!

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