Mercury Retrograde is fast approaching us all---Again. It's like the frenemy you hate to see coming into the coffee shop or supermarket. You'd rather duck behind the apples or stick your head into a magazine and wait until they have left. Fortunately, this usual takes only a few minutes of our time. Unfortunately, mercury retrograde is going to be around for 3.5 weeks, March 11th – April 4th.

When I say 3.5 weeks, I am not including the gray zone that surrounds it coming and going. A lot of people told me they have felt it coming since the weekend. It is not unusual for people to become more  sensitive to mercury's workings as the years pass since they were made of aware of its existence.

This is the perfect time to step back and assess where we are, what we are doing and where we want to go in the future. It is not a time for making large purchases or doing something we have never done before.  Also, signing documents is not advised. Of course, some times this is totally unavoidable...but the good new is that if there was something in the contract that wasn't in your favor, it will most likely have to be rectified later on. 

Delays and aggravation are inevitable and if we can keep a sense of humor about the fact that our suitcases are in Hawaii while we are in NYC, we will get through it without screaming, yelling and having our nerves frayed. Sure, it is hard to stay calm when our plans seem beyond our control, but the right attitude can save us a lot of grief.

This particular transit can lead to upset within the fire signs of Aries, Leo & Sagittarius, leading to lost tempers and secrets coming out that may have been better left unsaid. Yes, it's going to be a volatile time, but the good news is that if all the zodiac signs approach it correctly, mercury retrograde can give you the time to contemplate your next move in a more favorable manner for you.

While doing new things is not a great idea, going over old ground is the very best thing you can do during mercury retrograde.  'Re'do, 'Re'think, 'Re'organize, anything that involves the prefix Re is where you can focus your energies and have a satisfactory ending. If starting a new job during March/April, you may find your job description is re worded within the next year. Again, this can be in your best interest.

Computer and electronic mishaps are common now, so back up your computer before March 11th.  If your clothes dryer shrinks all your underwear into doll size, make sure it is really a mechanical problem before you pay a repair man. Misunderstandings can happen easily, so make sure you communicate any important issues in writing.  Long lines at the check out counter and receiving the wrong change can occur more frequently now, so patience will go along way to keeping you sane. 

Many people do not believe in/or never heard of mercury retrograde. As you listen to stories from your friends, family and co-workers about the strange things that are happening to them, sit back and laugh, because you are aware and are facing it head on. You are now armed and ready so use mercury retrograde to your full advantage.

Geri Durso 

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