If you are wondering who that person telling funny, obviously embellished stories is.... you can place a bet it's a Sagittarius, just being themselves.

While other zodiac signs worry about everything being in place, like Virgo, Sag is making a mess and loving it. They may like things to be neat and clean... but if they're not, they are just going to go about their business of enjoying life. They are the envy of every sign in regards to their outgoing personality, love of travel and seeing a bright side to everything... no matter how dire a situation can be.

Sagittarius can't get enough information on various subjects from whale mating to building trains. They need it and crave it. They are not the type to go around boasting of their knowledge on a subject. Because of that, many people are amazed to find they are aware of vast world events and can give a full synopsis on what is happening in the Middle East while playing Draw Something on their phone.

If you've got a problem and need support, Sag will not only lead people in the right direction, they will pass on their 'can do' attitude until others believe it themselves. One of my Sag friends who is in his 50's and has grown children, is always approached by the kid's friends with problems when out socially. Why?  Trust & Respect. They know, without a doubt, that their confession will go no further and they will be put on the right path.   

Calling out politicians and hypocrites is a norm and they are not afraid of repercussions. They will do the same if you are the lucky recipient of their love. They will ask you straight what the problem is and find a way to fix it... whether you want to keep the fight going or not. Making a love laugh and feel they are number one is as easy as breathing for a Sag. Their sense of humor and knack for surprising people makes their partners truly happy.

Animals adore Sagittarius and they love their little friends. It's natural. I have seen friend's homes filled with pets that have been rescued and cared for - whether they wanted it or not! Their hearts are filled with so much love that it is easy to spread it around - with no human or animal feeling left out! That childlike quality you see is very real and is there to be enjoyed by all.

People and family may disappoint them, but they are able to forgive and forget, whether the person deserves it or not. If a Sag doesn't forgive you, it is most likely that they were hurt beyond repair. They will wish you well and move on. 

Traveling anywhere in the world will make a Sag very, very happy.  Even if it is a return visit, they will still see it with wide eyes and wonder. They will explain it to you in ways you never thought of and you will smile, even if you've been there 10 times! Freedom in work/career, excelling and performing beyond what is needed is very common, and rarely will you hear complaints.

Aries and Leo are great matches for a Sagittarius. Sparks will fly and it will never be boring. Of course, other matches are possible and if a Sagittarius loves you... you will know it and feel it. Sure, there are different types of Sagittarius, depending on date and time of birth, but love of family is visible in all.

No agendas from a Sagittarius... just the truth and a smile.

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