Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 6th April, 2015.  

Mars is forging a sextile with Neptune from Tuesday, but this is one of those aspects which can have some tricky sides to it. On one hand Neptune can make Mars less ego driven, on the other, Neptune can disguise the desires of Mars under a smokescreen of charm or flattery. Being aware of our own motives and those of others, is essential with this influence.  From Monday to Thursday the Sun combines with Uranus and joins in the square it has been forging with Pluto. This is a very powerful influence and any situation where you feel someone has been “keeping you down” or treating you unfairly, you may find that your emotions are very close to the surface, perhaps even volcanically so. However, this can also see us push against the inner blockages we have, the ones which stop us from really fulfilling our potential, so it can be a liberating influence too. Mercury repeats this square as it sweeps over Uranus itself from Tuesday to Thursday.

The great news this week however is that Jupiter, the traditional planet of fortune, goes into forward motion from Wednesday and it is very positively linked to Uranus, the Sun and Mercury. Ideas can absolutely explode under this transit, and anything to do with innovation, especially around travel, software, technology and medicine are likely to be in the news. Sunday sees Venus move into the bubbly vibes of Gemini. It is going to be opposed next week by the stern Saturn so it is best to enjoy it’s mesmerising influence at the end of this week, before that hiatus occurs. Sunday also sees a Quarter Moon in Capricorn, and this kind of repeats the square between Pluto and Uranus, the Sun and Mercury but perhaps in a less volatile way. In summary this is a week when balancing our individual needs with the expectations of work, bosses, parents or large organisations is going to require some patience.

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