Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 4th May, 2015.

This week begins with a Full Moon in Scorpio one which squares to the extravagant energies of Jupiter. With Jupiter also in a Fixed sign in Leo. Both fixed signs, therefore remaining flexible in our approach is going to be important, however extravagance around money is also something that we should steer clear of. In fact, the Sun is set to square up to Jupiter right through to Wednesday, but the backdrop of this Full Moon will go on for the next two weeks so in general careful marshaling of resources is essential.

Mars along with the Sun continues in Taurus too, so there is the potential to achieve things through determined and persistent effort. That may become more tricky from mid-week however when Mercury starts to square with the dreamy energies of Neptune. Now Mercury is back in one of its two home zones of Gemini, and this can be one of the most deceptive force after eluding aspects of all. To vital to double-check information and to be sure that what we're saying will stack up. If there is anyone that you're dealing with - especially around buying and selling, you need to be sure of their probity. Thursday sees Venus glide into a new home in Cancer. This can be an excellent time for nurturing ourselves and our partnerships, but also for looking to improve the decorative and comfort factors of our homes.

If you enjoy gardening this too can be an area of pleasure. Family reunions or greater interaction are also possible. However from Thursday through to Sunday Venus does go into a quincunx with Saturn. This is an obtuse angle which suggests that the factual emphasis of Saturn at the moment could be something of a affection crusher when it comes to feelings and emotions. We all need to avoid nitpicking on the back of this. However this week's stars do offer opportunities to make progress by being realistic and grounded, and adding some optimism - as long as this doesn't get out of hand.

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