Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 18th May, 2015. As the week begins, the Sun is still in Taurus. However on Tuesday, Mercury begins a retrograde in its home zone of Gemini. The second of the year, this one will be particularly focused on issues of communication. Care is required by all of us around text messages, emails, documentation and every day conversations. However equally, Mercury's retrograde does offer as an opportunity to sort out something that is not working very well, whether it's a dodgy printer, a slow running PC, or a car that seen the better days. And this potential for improvement is underscored for the rest of this week because Mercury actually forges a superb angle to Jupiter. So it is going to be important to remain positive despite Mercury's rewind and especially around great, or innovative ideas.

From Tuesday through to Sunday Venus in Cancer, goes into opposition with a rather intense energies of tiny Pluto. Whenever these two tangle it often leads to push and pull situations around love or money, where power or control, or the desire for sex, is disguised by flattery, seductiveness, and potential for better things to unfold. So, if you feel that someone is laying on the charm with a trowel, it's going to be very important that you don't immediately only see the up side. Stay attuned to what their motives may be, and perhaps more importantly those of yourself. However it is possible that you could have an amazingly charismatic connection with someone you encounter or this aspect can increase the level of desire that goes between you and an existing partner. It is really depends on the exact circumstances. Then again you may find the if someone offers the potential for a fleeting relationship  - in other words a fling, well, the terms of reference of this may suit you both. But it's where someone has some kind of hidden agenda, that problems can evolve.

Thursday sees the Sun move itself, also into Gemini where he joins with both Mercury and Mars. However almost immediately the Sun is opposed by the stern energies of Saturn, and as is the pattern for much of May some kind of complication can come about by any tendency to rush an arrangement, agreement, travel plan, or become exasperated by rules restrictions and policies. The best way to deal with this is by having reasonable expectations and choosing words with care and in a measured way.

Thursday to Sunday also sees Mars begin a square with Neptune. Now, this is one of the most complex of all planetary aspects, one where people can almost deceive themselves by what they say, or get caught up in other people's trickery. If you're buying or selling anything, it is vitally important that you're clear about the item involved and its description, its provenance and true value.

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