Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 25th May, 2015.

The week begins with the Sun and Mercury and Mars, continuing their journey in the sign of Gemini. In fact, Mars and Mercury are going to be side by side for much of the week. Ordinarily this would bring a greater cut and thrust to our communications. However, there are three factors we need to consider this week as we decipher this. The first is that Mercury continues its retrograde, and with all its attendant potential for misunderstandings mix-ups and delays. The second is that on Monday the Sun squares up with the Moon in Virgo. This suggests heightened nervous tension, and the potential for things to become rather fraught if we try to force the pace, which course can happen when Mars is conjunction Mercury. The third is that Neptune, the Zodiac’s dreamiest  influence continues to square Mars this week, running on from last time, but also squares up with Mercury. This overall combination could therefore turn out to be one of the most muddled, complicated, and disorientating weeks for many a Moon.

So, how do we deal with this? Well, we must be very careful about what we plan, how we execute these plans, and how we communicate what we're trying to do to others. For example, it is going to be really important to do our research, properly, to not take shortcuts and to think of the implications of what we're  doing and to consider the points of views of others. Also it will be vital to double-check when we send an email or a text message, or important papers, that they are received and understood in the way that it was meant. If we do all of these things we are reducing the potential for misunderstandings, and further glitches.

There is also an absolutely sparkling alliance between Jupiter and Uranus in the last half of the week, which can be very beneficial around expression of novel, innovative, or far sighted ideas, and this can provide some mitigation for all the other things going on.

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