The Sun, Mars and Mercury all continue in the 3rd sign of the zodiac, Gemini. Mercury for its part, also continues to rewind in its second yearly retrograde. Of course this can cause glitches and anything to do with travel, distribution, contracts, digital, gizmo’s, transport etc but equally it can also give us the opportunity to sort out any issues too, especially those that pre-dated Mercury’s retrograde.  However, what adds mystery to the mix this week is that Mercury and the Sun are strongly influenced by Neptune. Now, if you think you have read this before, you are right, Neptune has had a very big impact on the heavens the whole of this year, and the potential for bizarre misunderstandings, perverse interactions, and even darn right deceit is high. The plot thickens because the Sun is also caught up in this.

Tuesday also sees a Full Moon which forges a T Square along with the Sun with Neptune. So over the next couple of weeks, it is going to be incredibly important to stay clear minded, logical and grounded in our approach to how we handle things and especially anything that has liabilities.

Yet from mid week, things start to look very different. Mars, which angles brilliantly to Jupiter all week, joins with the Sun in a conjunction, one which is the main feature of this month and will run until just a few days before it ends. This can help to make us all feel more upbeat and hopeful and with Uranus also featuring, bright ideas, boldness and innovation can all still play a major role. Sometimes when Jupiter is involved, it can makes us overly optimistic, and with Mars, perhaps recklessly so. So it is all down to proportion. We can feel more get-go but we need to also stay grounded. Pilling into situations without plenty of forethought should be avoided at all costs, but the brightness is potentially illuminated further more when Venus glides into Leo on Thursday. Here she can really sparkle, and urges us to show off our talents and skills to the full. The sultry Venus will strut her stuff to the full over the following 28 days and very charismatically so at that. For more on your personal Zodiac Sign, please watch my FREE video or visit my site:

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