Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 15th June, 2015.  The week begins with Saturn, the planet of structure, reversing backwards into Scorpio. He was last here just before Christmas last year (2014), and of course for 2 1/4 years before then, and will be in Scorpio now through to mid-September 2015. The accent here is on shared resources, business, working capital, mortgages and pensions. All these areas will come under greater scrutiny both globally and within our own lives from now through till that time.

On Tuesday however, there is a sparkling New Moon in Gemini. What makes this New Moon so unique is that the planet Mars is side-by-side with the Sun and the Moon. This makes the effects of this New Moon therefore, that much more potent and supercharged. The effect of this can see greater energy pulsating around communications, the media, technology, and community rights. Communication in general is also emphasised by Mercury's continuing location in Gemini too. However in the second half of this week Mercury goes into a right angle a square with Neptune. Thus repeating, a square which occurred at the end of may and the start of June between the two planets. So despite the powerful New Moon there is the potential for tangles, misunderstandings and muddles towards the end of this week.

Yet that does continue to be an amazing link between Jupiter and Uranus all week, which encourages innovation, medical and scientific breakthroughs and encourages us to be open to new approaches in our own lives. This could include greater links with overseas, higher education, travel, and physical activities. With Venus also now in the sign of Leo, the arts, fashion, musicals and performance can all feature brightly. For more on your personal Zodiac Sign, please watch my FREE video or visit my site: PatrickArundell.com

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