Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 29th June, 2015. The week begins with the Sun and Mars getting more established in the sign of Cancer. Yet ironically, after all the mischief that Neptune has been causing in the recent past, this planet becomes an  agent of good this week, forging a really lovely trine to both the Sun and Mars. The angle to the Sun is particularly helpful, one which is very enabling and can help people to express greater sensitivity, and be less bound up with our need to get what we want from situations, and be more mindful of what other people’s situations are. The Mars link, does have some potential downsides, insofar as people may disguise (rather craftily) their true motivations, yet on the whole, like this Sun this can see us more self-sacrificing. Of course last week,  Neptune was horribly tangled with Mercury, this week the planet of communication forges a fab angle to Uranus and Venus and Jupiter, so talk and thought as well as caring deeds may well mesh together far better than then.

And talking of that wondrous link between Venus and Jupiter, this goes on all week. In the sign of Leo, it continues to promote fashion, music, performance, the arts and warmth of personal interaction. With Uranus Trining both perfectly, there can be unexpected invitations, chance encounters and possibilities, and some of these can prove very sociable, or very flirty! But whether you wish to meet up with others and have fun, and make merry, or get up close and personal in a romantic context, generally, this is a fine week to end the month, and begin July.
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