Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 27th July, 2015. This week is dominated by two astrological squares. Now, a square is when two planets are at right angles to one another, and this can cause a certain amount of abrasive energy. Speaking of which, the square between Mars and Uranus is probably one of the most abrasive energies possible, especially in the Zodiac signs that each planet occupies at the current time. Uranus in Aries is a very unstable, volatile influence and this is the planet of erratic changes, at the best of times. The raw power of Aries revs up its appetite for instability, change and rebellion even more. Mars in Cancer on the other hand, is rather a defensive, and with both planets are the being in Cardinal signs; one valuing security = Cancer, and the other initiation = Aries, you can instantly see why this week can see some battles between maintaining the status quo or control, or making sudden alterations.
Jupiter is also squaring up to Saturn, but this is a longer standing influence, and in some ways they can balance each other out, with Saturn asking testing questions about Jupiter's desire to expand at will.

A third planetary square also overlaps into this week from last week, in the guise of the Quarter Moon in Scorpio this can see all sorts of fizzing energies, in relation to faulty judgement around risk taking, or inappropriate relationships, which can shape up and burn out very rapidly.

But the last few days of this week are particularly busy. The very last day of the month, on Friday, sees a Full Moon in Aquarius. This is the second Full Moon of the month, thus creating the phenomenon known as the blue Moon.

In reality, this is a battle between, the Aquarius principles of the group and the nurturing of co-operation, battling with the more ego centred demands of the Sun in Leo. For most of us this points towards having to manage your time more carefully and balancing the needs of our love life against friendships or group activities.

Uranus forges a much more positive influence on Saturday and Sunday in its angle with Mercury. This points towards innovation, fresh ideas, and sudden solutions to long-standing problems. And socially probably the enjoyment of some unexpected visitors, or invites which delight.

Saturday and Sunday also sees Venus combine with Jupiter in Leo, probably one of the most joyous combinations possible, and really this can be a tremendous boost if you are attending a function party, or going out for the night.

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