So you think that person sitting at your table is looking inside your soul with their eyes? They actually seem like they don't believe a word you are saying? No way---who is this person? Chances are they are a Scorpio. 

Scorpio listen with an big hint of disbelief towards people they meet for the first time. It's not that they want to brand you a liar or a person who exaggerates, they just want to see if you are being completely truthful. They can smell if someone is genuine or not and they will use all their senses to decide.

Control is not a good word when it comes to relationships and a Scorpio male has the tendency to want to keep a watchful eye on a partner. They don't want to own you, they just want to make sure everything is going okay and both parties are happy. They can seem mysterious to most, but that is a shell they have put around themselves to avoid hurt and disappointment.

Determination to succeed is brought into every facet of their lives. They make wonderful leaders and treat employees and colleagues with the respect they deserve for a job well done. When a Scorpio sets his mind to something, especially with monetary gain, it will be completed thoroughly and quickly. 

I have seen all of that I have written first hand with a Scorpio who came into my life in the past few years.  He still looks at me as if I am a bank robber. He does like me now (I think) but he throws off this 'don't ask me questions vibe' and so I don't, that much. Well, I do ask simple things like how was the night at the club and I am always met with the same answer. Fine. Watching him with others, who he has known a life time, I see he is wide open and willing to talk. Sometimes, I think he is trying to intimidate me, but I won't allow it.  Must be frustrating for him, but hey, I know the Zodiac Signs in and I'm up to his game. He's not a bad guy at all, just looking out for 'his' people.

Scorpio women tend to take the world by storm. They are not going to let anyone stand in their way but deep down, they crave a relationship where they can trust without question. When they find that special person who they can be themselves with, they will shower them with affection. Cross a Scorpio woman with lies or cheating and you are gone in a second and probably your clothes will follow out a window.

If a Scorpio likes, loves or even just respects you, they will fight in your corner to the end. There is no better sign to stand up for you or those they see as wronged. Yes, they can be a handful sometimes, but winning their trust will ensure you have someone on your side that genuinely cares what happens to you. That's a very a good thing to have in this life!
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