Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 24th August, 2015. The week begins with the Sun finding his feet in the sign of Virgo. With Jupiter the planet of fortune, having recently arrived in this Zodiac sign too, both combine for the whole of this week. Ordinarily this would be considered one of the most fortunate of all planetary influences. There can be a sense that anything is possible, and when it comes to issues related to health, fitness and diet, a lot of new ideas are going to be washing around the global consciousness. But actually Jupiter is in detriment in the sign of Virgo. This is because Virgo is about precision, accuracy, being of service, and to a degree, purity, whereas Jupiter is all about expansion and being optimistic without examining the downside too much. Therefore, this combination this week suggests we shouldn't be too gung ho in our approach, and should try to stay as grounded as possible. It is still broadly a good influence, but we need to under promise and over deliver.

Monday and Tuesday also see an influence running on from last week, a very special alliance between Venus and Uranus. This suggests trying different approaches to social interests, creativity, fashion, and of course love. If your relationship has become rather too predictable this is a great time to try to reinvigorate it. A good time for a new makeover too.

Friday can also be broadly good for all relationships, for Mercury moves into the sign of Libra. Mercury in Virgo, although one of its two home zones, can be rather brittle and critical, and of course it went through a confusing opposition with Neptune during week commencing 10th August. 
Mercury in Libra is excellent for being more dispassionate about all sorts of relationships. Hearing that other people have different views, but not taking them personally. The natural Libra energy towards fairness, and give and take is something we can all embrace.

However, on Saturday there is a Full Moon in Pisces and this is close enough to Neptune to be really significant. This can cause a great deal of confusion, and also be draining on our physical vitality. There could be a degree of deceit that does the rounds, and if we are negotiating about anything we have to be conscious of what our motives are and those of others. Fortunately, Friday to Sunday also sees Venus combining with Mars in Leo. This is one of the most charismatic of all planetary 
conjunctions, and can be superb for any kind of artistic, performance or social trends. The trick therefore, is going to be in remaining upbeat and positive, but focusing our energies on a narrow range of achievable targets, whilst combining practicality with passion.For more on your personal Zodiac Sign, please watch my FREE video or visit my site: PatrickArundell.com

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