Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 31st August, 2015. The week begins with the Sun located in a very practical location, but the clarity or at least precision that the Sun’s passage thru Virgo often brings, is going to be dissipated somewhat by the opposition of Neptune, which goes on until Thursday. The positive side of this influence is that it can make us more self-sacrificing, however, the dreamy hazy energies of Neptune can also see the Sun lose its ability to discriminate, one of the Sun in Virgo's great gifts. Because of this it is going to be important to try to stay very focused around any issue which does require a real attention to detail. If we rush decisions or rely on vague information we could come to some false positions. If you're buying or selling anything of value for example take great care. The same is true around agreements.

However the week does see Mars combining with Venus through to Saturday. If you recall, Venus has been tracking backwards in retrograde, ever since 25th July 2015. For most of that time all but five days, Venus has been in Leo, which is one of its most sparkling locations, nonetheless the retrograde has been asking us all to think very carefully about how we relate to others, how others relate to us, and how we approach any kind of creativity or artistry in our lives. The problem is that Saturn has been Squaring Venus for six of the intervening weeks, and therefore whatever our best intentions, and however sincere, we may have been the weakest of ties may have seemed even weaker, and some may have come to a complete end. Fortunately, on Sunday of this week , Venus starts to go forwards, and this is something we can all celebrate. Furthermore is conjunction with Mars this week is a lovely balance between the two principals of masculinity and femininity, around relating and expressing feelings. So good things are possible.

Yet the plot does they can slightly towards the end of this week, as it's Jupiter's turn to go opposite Neptune. Both these are the rulers of Pisces, and of course in Jupiter's case it is in detriment in the sign of Virgo. Exaggeration is something we should all try to avoid towards the end of this week on the back of this particular influence. However, this can have its up sides, and can give us the sense that anything is possible. The Quarter Moon on Saturday in Gemini, is also a reminder not to try too hard, but to schedule our activities in a way which is achievable. All this dreamy Neptune swilling around this week and this Quarter Moon, so creating an action plan is going to be a good idea.

Finally, the Sun in Virgo forges a really positive Alliance with Pluto. This occurs over the last three days. This is one of the most transforming of all aspects, and can help us to view our inner selves more clearly, and also make some fundamental changes in the outer part of our world in of words the physical areas. So if you find yourself  building a wall, or building up any kind of structure in your situation,  upgrading or improving, this can be an aspect that will drive the process forwards. Sometimes, however Pluto will inflict upon us changes that we are not necessarily ready for. The strangest part of Pluto However, is that it often does make those changes sometimes against our will, but on reflection, we can look back and see they were good for us. So if it does seem that things are changing without your agreement, try to be philosophical about them.

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