Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 7th September, 2015. The week begins with Venus in forward motion, and she forges a gorgeous link with Mercury in Libra, for the whole of the week. This is a very bubbly, joyful and sociable angle, which can bring much effervescence to situations. Of course the Sun and Jupiter continue in the more grounded Virgo. In the case of Jupiter, this is face-to-face with Neptune for the whole of the week too.

This is one of those aspects which is wonderful for exploring spiritual and meditative potentials, and if you are interested in personal development, healing or work in a care or support environment, this could see some very positive developments. The downside is that this is an influence that can give us an almost fantastical expectation, one which cannot always be met. So if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Another aspect which is going to be going on all week is one which involves Mars. Thus continues his journey in Leo, which provides plentiful platform to showcase talents and energies which are to do with performance, creativity, or require sheer personality power. And his angle with Uranus in Aries brings in a more random energy, this can push us out of our comfort zones and give us the desire to do something based on hunches, and without too much navel-gazing first. We can also find ourselves surprised with some of our moves, which can be sudden, and embrace a devil-may-care attitude.

However, there is one aspect involving Mercury still, this week, which is much more challenging. Based in the sign of Libra, the instinct of this planet in this location is to search for fairness, balance and to create a harmonious flow of dialogue. Challenged as he is however, by the tiny but potent Pluto, the chances are that the "rights" of certain situations can run counter to the power in place. This can be particularly true in international affairs, where more repressive political regimes, can run roughshod over human rights. However, even in our everyday relationships we need to be conscious of steering clear of dogmatism, and a might is right attitude or anyone who displays such traits.

Finally on Sunday there is a potent Solar Eclipse in Virgo, and this angles up in a semi-sextile with Mars. This suggests that over the next six months if we can combine creativity with productivity, the chances are there can be substantial achievements, but this will require hard work, persistence, and no little perspiration.

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