Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 21st September, 2015. The week begins with three influences running on from last week. Perhaps the most potent of these is Mercury's retrograde and square to Pluto. This can create a conflict between power and fairness, which could get played out at a very personal level, or at a more geopolitical on. Venus however, brightly, continues to sparkle brilliantly with Uranus. Whether it's how we dress, socialise, or relate a little bit of drama and spontaneity will work wonders. The third influence which runs on is the opposition between Jupiter and Neptune. Of course these are the two rulers of Pisces, and
with Neptune located in Pisces at the moment, they create a steaming, shimmering somewhat confusing vibe, which encourages us to keep feet on the ground, and not get too caught up with fantastical ideas schemes or people.

However, the Sun is set to leave Virgo this week, ingressing into Libra on Wednesday. Potentially this can be a very positive thing in supporting Mercury's retrograde, but he also forges a fine link with Saturn, newly relocated back in the sign of Sagittarius. Any knowledge base relationship be it with a lecturer a teacher, counsellor, a lawyer or a mentor or just was someone we really admire and respect, can go from strength to strength.

However, ironically, Mars increasingly aggravates Saturn this week, and by Friday the square between them is exact. This can create a lot of frustration. And with Mars also move into Virgo on Friday we need to be conscious of balancing Virgo's desire to be of service with Mars's instinct to encourage us to do as we please. In terms of the overall Zodiac. This 6/9 house aspect, suggests we may have to grit our teeth around any limitations we have from obligations, but also be cautious about promising more than we can realistically deliver. Taking on too much towards the end of this week can definitely cause stress. Friday also sees Pluto and its 5 1/2 months long backward journey in the sign of Capricorn. But this will influence each individual, and each Zodiac sign differently, but it certainly can create a slightly lighter vibe. As the week, winds down, The Lunar Eclipse is also fast approaching, and I will tell you more about this next time.

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