Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 5th October, 2015. The week begins with the reversing Mercury continuing its excellent link, with Saturn, on Monday. This can be ideal for undertaking detailed work that requires a real concentration. This is especially important not just because of the retrograde, but also because of the draining and confusing opposition between Mars and Neptune, which goes on all week. With Mars being the planet of desire, albeit rather more muted in the sign of Virgo, the outcome of this particular aspect can be low physical and mental vitality.

Venus, of course is been going through a dramatic extended transit in the sign of Leo. And this week prepares to say goodbye move into Virgo, which occurs on Friday. But even before then she is starting to get caught up in a square with Saturn. If this rings a bell , this square occurred before in mid-July, and because of the retrograde Venus has gone through it is now happening again. By Friday's change, the square will be almost exact, and any chinks in relationships can certainly come to the fore. At the very least, a tie could seem a little bit cold or restrictive. The normal affection that is shared between people can be rather more muted.

With the Sun and Mercury continuing in the sign of Libra however, the big picture this week is undoubtedly about the merits that this duo can bring especially in terms of fairness, bringing extra balance to our lives, and working on our interpersonal relationships. But that could be quite a tough challenge, especially with the Sun challenged by Pluto all week. This square, sees the conservative, traditional orthodox nature of Pluto in Capricorn, keen to retain control, whereas the Sun is much more about fair play. With both being Cardinal signs, battles of will can come into the equation, with a push and pull, and you may find yourself having to stand up to someone who tries to force an issue, or be more conscious of any attitude you may have which is rather stuck in the past, and doesn't fit so well in a modern context.

Just like last week, Pluto does forge a very positive link in its ongoing angle with Jupiter. This is one of those aspects which provides a great opportunity, but we have to embrace the possibility. Jupiter, of course is all about expansion, Pluto at its best is about transformation. As long as we go about our objectives in a fair well though out way, and are not driven totally by our own personal agendas, 
great things are possible.

Once Mercury starts to go forwards on Friday, the same day that Venus enters Virgo, this will certainly help to speed up communications and our mental processes. Any tangles which may have occurred can also start to be unraveled.

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