Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 2nd November 2015. The week begins with Mercury sweeping into the sign of Scorpio. It has been working its way through Libra since the end of August. Of course, it went through its retrograde, and though this is an air sign and Mercury in Libra generally works well, communication may not have always flowed quite as easily as we might expect. Mercury in Libra can also lead to indecision in terms of our thinking and how we express ourselves, but the transit into Scorpio flags a time when it's about getting beneath the surface of situations and understanding what things really mean, rather than what they appear to mean.

Tuesday also sees a Quarter Moon in the sign of Leo, and here the affection and is gregariousness of the Moon competes with the depths and intensity of the Sun in Scorpio. Any simmering tensions around control possession and jealousy, could come to the surface, especially in a romantic context. Although this week does have some vibrant positivity towards its end, this is cautioning us not to risk money or assets on any scheme which is chancy or ill thought out.

Tuesday also starts to see a fabulous angle between the Sun and Pluto. This can create a real platform for change and transformation. One of the two rulers of Scorpio, where the Sun currently lies is of course Pluto. So here is a natural conduit to look inside and to understand our deeper motives, needs, and personal opportunities. Of course some changes may be prompted from outside too, but not exclusively so.

All week continues to see Venus and the other co-regent of Scorpio, Mars, continue their alliance in the sign of purity Virgo. Venus conjoining Mars in this sign will have less rock 'n' roll, then it would in a more gregarious one such as Leo, however, where there is co-operation in a relationship around practical issues, for example if you have a live-in partnership, a fairer share of the domestic chores achieved, can prove to be very helpful. For those solo earthlings, this combination points towards meeting someone at a gym, at work or in the everyday locations I mentioned last week.

But there is the beginnings of a much more challenging aspect this week which is going to peak towards the end of November, and this is the square between Saturn and Neptune. If we think about it. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to analyse our level of knowledge. Neptune in Pisces is at its most dreamy, and can therefore deplete anything which is more solid and practical. A good metaphor for this particular aspect would be the sea pounding a harbour wall in a rough weather cycle. If the harbour wall isn't reinforced, and kept secure, over time to see i.e. Neptune will start to erode its foundations. So we will all need to bear this in mind for the whole of the month.

Despite this, this week, as I hinted before, ends with a fine aspect as the Sun and Jupiter combine fabulously. Those people who think of astrology purely in terms of luck, would highlight this is one of the planetary aspects which can trigger good fortune. And in truth, it really can, but as ever we tend to get luckier the harder we work, and the more enterprise we tend to show as the weekend can show.
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