Pisces sentimental side comes out naturally and there's nothing anyone, including themselves can do about it!  It is endearing to most and you can feel the depth of their feeling, no matter how hardened or tough you think you are. Some people love it...some people hate it, but one thing is for certain, just about everyone thinks a Pisces is wonderful.
The only time you will see a Pisces not doing something you feel they should, is because they simply don't care about it. They have to know there will be a good end result and doing something they know could end up wrong is just not worth their time or effort. Now, if you need help with a project, they will lend a hand without question. A trait that makes the world better.
Not every sign has true psychic ability, but Pisces is gifted. If they choose to pay attention to their intuitive ability, they will make great headway, as they are normally right with hunches. Taking a  major chance to enrich their lives is not unheard of and will usually have a superb outcome if they believe what they are doing is correct.
Sometimes they are simply trying to find the right path in life. They may seek out different lifestyles to find the one that best suits their soul. You may have been surprised by a Pisces quick decisions on occasion. You may hear “what the hell” often!
If you Google Patty Hearst, you will read a great example of a Pisces trying to find themselves. Kelsey Grammer, Drew Barrymore, Rhianna, etc., seem to have a restless nature. Always thinking, hoping. Each makes great strides in certain areas, while seeking in other ways.
Pisces men like a woman who can take control of situations—without making them feel less of a man. My father was a Pisces and he liked to bring home the cash and let my mother control the output.  She arranged bill paying, saving, social plans, vacations and home improvement estimates. He liked it that way and they got along wonderfully. He wasn't a 'yes' man by any means...he just trusted her judgment and it took pressure off of him. He liked knowing she was dependable. She is a Cancer. A very good match.
Pisces women don't like rejection on any level. Saying their cake is not moist can be enough to make them feel bad and hence put the cake on top of your head. They are sensitive and want to openly share. They make wonderful partners to anyone, but especially Virgo, Cancer & Scorpio.  They want to nurture and love and you are lucky if you are the chosen one.
Entertainment, fun, family, laughing till their belly aches, make a Pisces truly happy.  If they are bored you will know it as they will be the ones to initiate doing something new. They may need a hand to keep things in balance and usually a quick word will hit home and keep them on track.
Having an amazing knack with people is second nature, so if you think a Pisces is reading your mind...you are probably right!
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