Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 16th November, 2015. The week begins with Mercury combining with the Sun in Scorpio. This gives us all and added possibility when it comes to delving beneath the surface of situations, or in a more prosaic way marshalling resources, property, finances and assets in a shrewder way. However, the Quarter Moon this week occurs in the idealistic Aquarius so balancing what we'd like with the reality of how life is, is set to be a theme.

Fortunately, Mars forges a really positive link to Saturn. This can help us to be motivated and well balanced (as it remains in Libra) but combine this with well structured and thought through approaches. Less helpful is the square between Neptune and Saturn. This began to shape up at the start of the month, but really starts to bite home now. This in contrast can erode structures, and cause confusion and sabotage plans.

To overcome this, we must ensure we are very factual and accurate in our approach. Ironically, Neptune does end a five and half month retrograde this week, but the role of Saturn is such, that its more creative influence, can be compromised by the demands of those in the know. Esoteric themes such as astrology, could take a bit of a hammering from the scientific community on the back of this, before the month is out.

Saturday and Sunday see two big changes with Mercury and the Sun powering into Sagittarius respectively. In fact the weekend can provide a nice interlude and things can seem lighter and more sociable. This could be helped by Venus going face to face with Uranus, and some things can be arranged unexpectedly. Then again, in a love context, a need for greater freedom may rock the boat, or see a rather spicy but not necessarily long lasting fling occur.

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