Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 7th December 2015. The first half of this week sees the Sun in Sagittarius connect with both Mars and Uranus which in turn are in opposition all week. The freedom loving credentials of the Archer are empathised by this and after last week's sluggish and repressive vibe things can feel an awful lot freer.

However the opposition between Mars and Uranus can be quite explosive, and limitations of all kinds can seem to be almost unbearable. With Saturn continuing its right angle to Neptune, we have to be realistic that there is likely to be some, so making time for our own interests and needs, and balancing that against the demands of this time of year, and the feelings of others is going to be important.

Fortunately, an absolutely beautiful link between Venus and Neptune from Wednesday to Sunday, does create an opportunity for a real spiritual connection, or a meeting of body and soul. If you are lucky enough to meet someone for the first time that you really like, it could seem like a match made in heaven. Do try to keep one foot on Terra firma, however for this is an aspect which can still create some illusions, even if some really rather nice ones.

Mercury powers into Capricorn on Thursday, which is a very businesslike transit for this particular planet. If you are somebody who's keen to get things done in terms of entrepreneurial ideas, or business interests this will certainly help.

However, there is on Friday a Sagittarius New Moon, and this encourages us all to be open minded, and to embrace a spirit of generosity, and potentially of change. The old Maxim of variety being the spice of life is one that should we should hold onto.

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