Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 14th December 2015. The first half of this week sees a continuation of the Mars/Uranus square which dominated last week. This can create friction, especially between what we feel we should do, or at least people want us to do, and what we really want to do. Impulsive acts can follow too. It may see a major sexual attraction, and some feisty exchanges but not necessary ones that will be long lasting.

Yet despite this, there is a very spiritual and subtle link between Mercury and Neptune at the start of the week too, and if we can see beyond surface irritations deeper understanding is possible. If you find yourself at a social gathering, or linking up with someone that you share a mutual interest with, you can really trip the light fantastic.

Also with the Sun in Sagittarius squaring with its ruler Jupiter and all through this week, this can engender some Christmas spirit, but perhaps the challenge is just how much. This aspect can create excess, exaggeration, and over consumption. A perfect influence then! But seriously if we are keen to stick to our budget for Christmas presents, and be reasonably sensible about what we eat and drink, then this aspect may challenge our self-discipline.

From Tuesday Venus forges a sweet link with the deep, and transformational energies of Pluto. This can be excellent insofar as making us get more closely in touch with the people or even possessions that we truly value, and in a basically positive tie, could see greater connectivity and even intimacy.

Friday sees a Quarter Moon in Pisces. This can create, in its square with the Sun, another form of unreality. Little issues can get blown completely out of proportion and become major dramas so it will be important to keep a sense of perspective. So, all the components are there for some seasonal dramas, but probably quite a lot of merriment too.

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