Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 4th January 2016. The week begins with Mars storming into Scorpio, one of two zodiac signs this planet governs. Passion, power and persuasion are all possible in the next six weeks, though Mars will be heading back into Scorpio at the end of May and through to the start of August, so these characteristics can surface again then.

For now, Mars continues to tangle with Mercury, itself temporarily located in Aquarius. Any possessiveness, control or jealousy issues around  group activities, or conversely a relationship where one partner resents the others’ social activities, can be stirred by this square and there can be some potent clashes. 

Venus also features prominently this week, as she squares to Neptune, and forges a conjunction from Wednesday with Saturn. The first of these aspects can create a sense of unreality. The second a real sense of restriction. If you meet someone early in the week that you really like, with this set of influences, it's quite possible by the week's end the tie will have blown itself out already, unless it's something really substantive. Even long standing relationships can be blighted by these aspects, and a weak tie, could come to an end. 

What deepens the potential for misunderstandings, is the retrograde from Tuesday of Mercury, initially in Aquarius, and then that of Jupiter from Friday in Virgo. Now it doesn't mean that everything under the sun is going to go wrong or that misfortune generally will prevail, though I do feel in the case of Jupiter the next four months may see a continuing trend of retraction in terms of the financial markets. It could be argued that this is therefore bad luck, but often downturns, especially around equities and futures, and of course much more challengingly, derivatives, can often just bring a greater sense of realism. 

We can apply a strategy of practicality in our own situation by being cautious about what we spend, prudent in what we say, and look for tangible solutions, rather than just theoretical ones. 

Saturday also sees Mercury twisting backwards into the sign of Capricorn. She will continue to reverse in this area until 27th January, before returning to Aquarius in mid-February. Sunday also sees a New Moon in the sign of Capricorn, one which on the face of it would be good for anything to do with conventions, the orthodox, and for all forms of application and hard work. But this one also squares up to Uranus, which incidentally Pluto in Capricorn continues its right angle to all week. So whether it's in a more worldly situation, or in personal ones, the desire to break away from restrictions could prove strong, but we also have to be realistic about what is actually workable.

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