That time of the summer again, ladies and gentlemen.  Oh, I know some of you absolutely hate the thought of Mercury Retrograde. The mere word Mercury makes some of you want to stay in bed for a month!  Would be nice to catch up on sleep, but you can nearly guarantee your television would explode or your curtains would fall off the window and scare the hell out of you in the middle of the night. Your bank could still mess up your payments while you were sleeping, so there is no use trying the bed thing, as what will happen will happen.  Better to keep on your toes and have all your ducks in order before.
This summer, Mercury goes retrograde on July 14 and lasts until August 7th and it is not as bad as some of the other retrogrades.  Yes!  The other planets playing a role throughout these 3 weeks are Venus, Jupiter, Mars & Uranus, so if you play by the rules of Mercury, you will do great and learn a little in the process. And guess what....this time you will probably have some fun!
The full moon will see a lot of you making the most of days off and getting to socialize—doing something that brings a smile to your face. Writers and those wishing to become writers will finally see the words flow out freely. Arts, music, dance...what ever you want to succeed have an open door. Make the most of this and let your creative juices flow. 
Your intuition plays a big part this time around, so don't discount any nagging thoughts or questions. If you think someone is lying to you, they probably are. Use your powers of deduction and get to the bottom of it---then deal with it in an appropriate manner.  By doing this, you will have saved yourself precious time and possibly money. No screaming or yelling—just use the facts.
The usual cautions apply during any Mercury Retrograde especially, don't sign anything if possible.  If you must, there is a chance some clauses may be adjusted in the future.  Hey, sometimes you can't wait for Mercury to be over to move ahead with a deal. That is okay as long as you re-read the contract 4 or 5 times. Make sure every piece is in perfect order. 
Making large purchases like cars or washers and especially electronic equipment is not favored now, so if possible, wait until after the 10th of August. (Always give it a bit of time to move forward)  If you are traveling, just make sure you double check your reservations and keep your toothbrush close, as lost luggage or delays can happen.
This is a time to return, rethink and redo. If you can put a Re in your sentence, you are on the right track this month. Now, I must warn you that ex's can come crawling out of the woodwork.  Nostalgia is fantastic, but don't get yourself involved in something you know isn't right for you just for the sake of the good old times.  You know the best revenge is looking fabulous, being happy and successful. Happy being the most important. Make sure you look fantastic, keep your head high and let your confident self beam though.
So, as you see, there is absolutely no reason to hit the sheets for a prolonged period. It's the best time all year to get yourself out, follow the Mercury Retrograde mantra of “Re” and enjoy yourself.  I'm not dreading it, so neither should you!
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