Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 8th Feb 2016. This week begins with a New Moon in Aquarius. However, this is a New Moon with a difference, as it squares to the powerful influence of Mars, in the sign of Scorpio. The more idealistic values and influence of a typical Aquarius New Moon is about a sense of community, co-operation, friendliness, sociability and kindness. All these can come to the fore, but with Mars in attendance that old Maxim of not mixing business with pleasure is something to hold and also being conscious of any friends or member of a group who tends to use the dark arts in order to get their own way.


Monday and Tuesday also see the continuation of Venus's square with Uranus. The combination of these two influences can certainly bring more forcibly to the surface any politics, which had been rumbling around in the background around close associations. Fortunately, on the same days, Mercury forges a fine link to Jupiter, and if you are engaged in more entrepreneurial matters, this can be very helpful.


The week does though also see Mars influential, in a more positive way. In the first half, it links potently with Pluto, giving us fantastic willpower and especially if our efforts are well directed and for the good of all. Also all through the week it continues to forge a most confident angle with Jupiter. Jupiter is a course, the planet of growth that in the sign of Virgo. We do need to be more concerned with details rather than simply the big picture, so as long as we're not too gung ho in what we try to do we can use this aspect, helpfully.


Finally, on Sunday, Mercury makes its way into Aquarius. This is going to help to mitigate some of the more negative energies of the square from Mars on the New Moon. Mercury in Aquarius can just bring a little bit more logic and fair-minded debates into play.

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