Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 15th Feb 2016. This week begins with a Quarter Moon on Monday in the sign of Taurus. This angles sharply with the Sun in Aquarius, providing a backdrop for the rest of the week. This is an influence which suggests we need to be more mindful of how our values mesh together with other people. If we too idealistic and not realistic in that it can be a problem, and equally, if we so tied up with the material world with get that people are what counts most it can be a problem here. You may find that one friendship could be something of a crossroads.

However the arrival of Venus in Aquarius on Tuesday is going to be truly helpful for the friends and associations that are truly meaningful in your life.  In love, try to focus on the things you enjoy jointly. These shared interests can bond you closer together. Single? Don’t be surprised if a romantic possibility emerges through a mutual association, or by just going out and socialising.  In fact, this week in general offers an opportunity to mix and mingle in a way which may have prove infrequent so far this year.

Mars and Jupiter also continue to co-operate well. Jointly they create a sense that anything is possible, and it can be, as long as we stay mindful of the details, which Jupiter is ordinarily less taken with.

With Saturn and Uranus, the rulers of Aquarius also linking increasingly well, innovation linked to perspiration, can also take us far. Well founded research is going to be important to this, so don’t hold back from scrutinising any ideas that come up, they may well have virtue.

On Friday however, the Sun returns for the first time in eleven months to Pisces. And despite all the potential to get with others this week, we all need to be mindful that it is quality rather than quantity that counts, and sincere friends should be revered.

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