Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 7th March. The week begins with both the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, and they are set to be joined by Venus on Friday.

However, there is some planetary irony going on this week, for Mercury is located in its detriment, and Jupiter too. Of course, the big talking point is going to be the Solar Eclipse of Wednesday and Jupiter feeds into this, opposing the Eclipse, but squaring Saturn, which in turn squares the Eclipse too. Confused?

Will essentially the Solar Eclipse in Pisces asks us to embrace creativity, imagination, the arts, music, film, healing, spirituality, flexibility, but it's opposition to Jupiter asks us to try to stay as grounded as possible. This is reinforced by the role of strict Saturn, which is asking us to reel in any expectations which have little chance of success. We can dream, but equally we need to work the wonderful energies of Pisces in a way which can be sustainable. So if you find yourself propagating an amazing scheme over the next six months, you just need to run it past someone who's very experienced, and who you can trust and rely upon to help you to decide.

In fact, Jupiter and Saturn are going to be broadly squaring until the middle of June. This aspect is unlikely to be good for the financial markets. This is why if any of your ideas have a money dimension to them, it is going to be important to be particularly sensible in your approach. It's not necessarily about being risk adverse, but if you are going to do something which is more speculative, then do think about the downside too.

The second half of this week also sees Mercury combining with Neptune. If ever an aspect could create a sense of unreality, this is certainly it. Demand hard and fast figures, get to the nuts and bolts of situations, don't be fobbed off by vague answers or pledges. The more precision we can bring to situations, the better. Mind if you are going to be taken in a new movie, or picking up a novel you may find you're particularly impressionable to its message.
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