Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 28th March. The week begins with the Sun forging an amazing link to Mars. This is one of the most energising of planetary angles, and encourages us to breakout and have the confidence to take on bold moves.

Uranus is also set to be very influential this week forging a link from Wednesday to Sunday, with Mercury, and on Saturday and Sunday with the Sun. This can see as being very resistant to any kind of restrictions on personal freedom, and ability to express ourselves, but also see as very open to new exciting ideas and ways of doing things.

You may find yourself meeting some unusual characters this week, and instantly engaging with them. Then again you could have a light bulb moments, and suddenly look at an old problem or issue in a fresh way. However, it's not all about opening up the clutch and going for it this week, because the planet of growth Jupiter continues to be challenged by the planet of restriction Saturn, and both are in retrogrades, so we need to be conscious that it's not possible to gain all we want without a certain amount of responsibility or awareness to our obligations.

There is also a Quarter Moon on Thursday which emphasises the clash between the signs of Aries, and Capricorn that's been such a feature for the last 3/4 years as Uranus and Pluto have at times been an outright conflict. And although this particular aspect is now coming to its end, this Quarter Moon suggests handling those in positions of authority and particularly around work based issues may require a certain amount of patience and especially where we are working with or promoting more 
unusual ideas.

Yet this is definitely a week when if we can be authentically ourselves your understand the bigger picture when it comes to our responsibilities and obligations, that some thrilling developments can occur.

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