Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 18th April. The week begins with the influence of Mars going into retrograde, starting to be felt. He will be twisting 
backwards in the sign of Sagittarius through to the 28th of May, before regressing into Scorpio. Mars is about instant gratification and in the sign of Sagittarius that's a lot to do with being free to do as we wish to be adventurous on the spur of the moment. However, with Mars also continuing to square up to Neptune through to the end of the month, our drives can be dimmed somewhat by this tangle, and confusion can also be possible, and at the worst, we may encounter someone who's darn right dishonest. So, continue to be vigilant.

The other thing that characterises the start of this week through till Wednesday, is the positive planetary Trine between Mercury and Pluto, both located in Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn respectively. This can help us to analyse situations and to probe beneath the surface of what they mean. Because of the tangibility both the signs seek, you may find yourself thinking about more worldly matters like money, property and career.

The Sun also sweeps into Taurus on Tuesday, and for the first time in eleven months. After the whirlwind of activity that's been going on the sign of Aries, his passage through this sign is asking us to look to strengthen the foundations of whatever we are doing. So, if you have begun something afresh in the last month now you’ll be looking to get this more solid, and substantive.

However, the energy which is been buzzing round Aries is not at an end completely, because Venus remains in this sign and can make single people in particular acquisitive in terms of making moves in their love lives, and for those already involved, there could be a need to demonstrate more freedom from a partner, or conversely to revive a refresh along go inside by doing things which are rather more spontaneous. This is because the connection from Tuesday that Venus has with Uranus, the planet of surprises, but in contrast, Venus also forges a very solid link with Saturn in the first half of this week, so there is someone who comes into your situation or it is becoming a more important part of you can start to appreciate their qualities and virtues even more.

This week does however see a Full Moon on Friday in the sign of Scorpio. For all of us there is the need to balance our in and outgoings in terms of short-term expenditure and the impact this can have on our long-term security. But also there can be intense discussions in close involvement's about who does or contributes what or you may find yourself wanting to hunt down the best deals around any of the things that you can influence yourself and drive down your costs.

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