Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 25th April. The week begins with Venus continuing its connection to Uranus. Any surprise relationship developments from last week may still need digesting or there can be an element of change in the air still.

Generally there is a very strong Taurus emphasis at work, asking us all to appreciate the more tangible elements of life. However, what does make things that much more complex is when on Thursday Mercury goes into the second of his three annual retrogrades. Thereafter anything around 
money or possessions will require extra care and vigilance. As ever with Mercury RX we can’t control things outside of our personal sphere, such as transport or travel disruption but we can ensure that what we can affect, we do so in a very careful way.

The second half of the week does though throw up a lovely influence in the form of the Sun’s angle to Neptune. This can encourage us to consider those who are less fortunate, people who may need a more sensitive response. If you have particularly causes or charities that you support you could be active at this time. Then again our more spiritual values can come into focus too.

Saturday sees Venus arrive back in Taurus. This is one of the two zodiac signs, along with Libra, that she governs. This can us all appreciate life’s more pleasurable dimensions and certainly good food and wine and no little retail therapy.

However, Sunday’s Quarter Moon occurs in the idealistic Aquarius and as the week ends business and pleasure may well not mesh together so well. Ironically from this we must be very realistic about how much happiness more material strands can really bring us.
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