Hello, I'm Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 23rd May. The week begins with the potency of the Sagittarius Blue Moon still very much to the fore. This cautions us all to choose words with care. Ironically however, Venus, the planet of diplomacy, moves into the part of the Solar Horoscope to every day communications. And indeed from Thursday Venus, then joins with the Sun. The two are going to be combining superbly through till the middle of June. This is an influence which can boost warmth, enjoyments and pleasures, and of course no little sensuality. In the sign of Gemini, they can also lead to flirty social possibilities which we can all enjoy.

Mind, the potential for misunderstandings, is still emphasised by the role of Saturn and the T-square that is ongoing between him and Jupiter and Neptune. If ever there was an aspect which provided almost breathtaking optimism and unreality, combined with forceful scrutiny, this is certainly it. Facts really do need to come before fiction.

I guess what Venus is combination with the Sun is telling us therefore, is that whilst it's good to have fun and to be playful, we still need to be mindful of the impact of our words and activities can have, and all this will reach a peak next week.

Saturday is also a crucial day this week, when it sees Mars rewind back into Scorpio. The last time that Mars was in the sign of the Scorpion was in March this year, after he moved into the sign, early in January 2016. Through to the end of June he will continue to rotate in retrograde, before going forwards all through July and then moving back into Sagittarius, early in August. Because Mars is the ruler, or I should say the traditional ruler of Scorpio, some of the energies that we associate with this sign can come very much to the fore during this two months period. Of course some of this could be about ambition, but this is the planet of instant gratification, and of ego, and of need, so its impact could in some ways be to do with sex, or the desire to bond closely with one person.

Finally this week also ends with a Quarter Moon in the sign of Pisces. This particular Quarter Moon is almost like "Gossip Central" so if someone does share something with you rather scandalous, we are tempted to let slip something you'd been asked to keep confidential, it may not have a good outcome, so is going to be important to be discreet.

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