Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 4th July.  The week begins with Independence Day on Monday, and a stunning New Moon in Cancer which links with Neptune in the most positive of ways. This really ask us to embrace our most sensitive sides and listen to our intuition. Imagination in an artistic or creative way can also be boosted by this, especially if you enjoy music, film or photography.

All this week also sees a fine link between Venus, most blessed in the sign of Cancer, and Mars located in its home zone of Scorpio. This can create some really sensual magic for those lucky enough to be in really close and loving relationships. By contrast Venus does Square Uranus and if you are in a long standing tie which has lost its mojo this aspect can push you and your partner to try and recreate any earlier magic, especially by breaking any patterns which have become too entrenched and predictable. In the most extreme scenario this can lead to a weak tie coming to a close, and perhaps even quite suddenly.

Wednesday sees an exact conjunction or combust between the Sun and Mercury. This does have its down side insofar as Mercury in Cancer can be quite reactive, so do try to avoid jumping to conclusions. The upside is that this can trigger wonderful brainwaves and moments of inspiration. Mind, both planets enter a much more testing encounter in the second half of the week when they both oppose Pluto. You may encounter someone who is very dogmatic or belligerent, or tries to force their views upon you. If there has been any dissatisfaction bubbling away on the back burner this aspect can bring it to the fore in the most powerful of ways and a real battle of wills or an all out argument can follow.

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