Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 1st August. The week begins with the Sun and Venus still located in the vibrant and charismatic energies of Leo. This continues to be a fabulous opportunity to do so. Tuesday is also truly significant. This sees a New Moon in Leo forge an impressive angle to Saturn, the planet of structure.

With Saturn now in forward motion being a sister Fire sign to Leo, this New Moon is a chance to initiate new beginnings, but especially those that have been well thought through and planned. Saturn in Sagittarius is principally about knowledge, so if the knowledge is put together with the drive and enthusiasm of the Sun in Leo, he really is an awesome mix. What can come from this is new beginnings that actually stand the test of time.

Furthermore, on Wednesday Mars rejoins the sign of Sagittarius. If this rings an astral bell, it is because Mars was located in this sign through March to the end of May this year. It's just that from the middle of April, he slammed on the brakes and went into retrograde, and some of the more expansive and daring plans that some of us had may have gone through a period of review, or even undergone a complete revision. Now, along with the New Moon, it's an opportunity to get right back on the front foot.

Yet this week is not going to be without its complications, because Mercury on Friday through Sunday, is going to be joining in with the right angle that's been forged between Saturn and Neptune since mid-May. The usual crispness of decision-making, that Mercury in Virgo would bring, can be reduced  by getting caught up in this squabble. In short, if you are entering any situation where you need to be factual, do treble check your information before asserting your position, for it's possible that you have been misled or misunderstand an overall theme.

Finally on Saturday this week, Venus arrives in Virgo. In this Zodiac sign, the planet of attraction is asked to be more of service. This is less about glamour than in Leo, a more about practicalities. If you are in a relationship where you live together, this aspect encourages a review of the domestic arrangements and who does or contributes what to the daily chores. Some flexibility your amendments, may actually bring you and yours - if you're in such a tie, even closer together. For solo’s you may meet someone through your work over the next twenty eight days.

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