Hello, I'm Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 31st October. The week begins with The potency of the New Moon in Scorpio and its tender angle to Neptune, still prevalent. In fact, the Sun forges a great angle to Neptune through to Friday. If you find yourself doing something for someone who is less fortunate, raising money for a good cause or a charitable activity this is a fine time to do so.

With Mercury also combining with Neptune on Monday and Tuesday, our appreciation of the nuances in situations can also be heightened. But Monday and Tuesday also see Venus continuing its conjunction with the strict energies of Saturn. If you found yourself having a heart-to-heart with someone at the end of last week, you may still be coming to terms with what this means. A very weak relationship could come to a complete end.

However, ironically, Venus forges a sensational angle to Uranus all week, so if a tie has stumbled a little bit, but both of you are open to rejuvenating it with some fresh approaches, this is the perfect thing to do. Equally, if you're single, you may find yourself drawn to someone rather unusual with quite a magnetic personality. This could also be a week when a new relationship begins that is unconventional in some way.

Our powers of analysis are also going to be boosted all this week because Mercury forges a fantastic angle to Pluto. This can be great for business moves, and for trying to understand the motivations of anyone we encounter. With the Sun also forging a fine link with Pluto as the week draws to a close, something at the base of our lives can be transformed.

Yet, with Jupiter in a right angle with Pluto as the week winds down, although it's good to be positive, and to believe that better things are coming, it's going to be important around professional relationships, not to take anything for granted and stay humble.

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