Hello, I'm Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 7th November. The week begins with a Quarter Moon in the sign of Aquarius. In fact, this Zodiac sign is going to come very much more to the fore from this week when the powerful energies of Mars sweep into Aquarius on Wednesday. This is particularly helpful at this time of year, because Mars is the planet of self, but in the Zodiac sign of the Water Carrier it's much more inclined to encourage us to be individualistic, but in addition also look to be collaborative too. So over the next six weeks as we build up to Christmas, this can encourage a playful, and rather sociable interaction.

But the Quarter Moon, can, ironically, make us more conscious of those situations where there is less cooperation going on, and where in fact, there are undercurrents or politics around group activities. There may also be a situation where a friend seems rather controlling, possessive, or even jealous. With the Sun continuing in the sign of Scorpio, along with Mercury for most of this week, this can still be a time of end's and also beginnings, and if someone is inhibiting us in your social situation, the energy of Mars can see us determined to be more free spirited.

Continuing on from last week the Sun also is connecting superbly with Pluto. This can create changes in our physical worlds but also within our emotional bearings too. But these can be entirely positive, even if it doesn't seem that we are choosing them consciously.

Venus sweeps into Capricorn on Saturday, and this signals a time of greater seriousness around close relationships. On the face of it this may seem a less playful, less frivolous, and more responsible location for Venus, but it can also underline the ties in our lives which are really worthwhile, and sustain us when things are not so good. If you're lucky enough to be in a good romantic tie, it could put down even greater roots in the next four weeks.

Sunday sees Mercury arrive in the sign of Sagittarius. Now, this planet is actually in detriment in this location, being in opposition to Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury and squaring up to Virgo, which is also governed by this planet. So it does mean that we need to choose your words carefully in the following 21 days, but I think it can still be quite an uplifting transit, and working in relative collaboration with Mars is going to be good for the general seasonal vibe that is building up.

With Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius also forging a fine link to Saturn, which continues in the sign of the Archer for another 13 months, any situation which is a blend of cooperation and knowledge can go from strength to strength.  For more and to read your Weekly Horoscope for your own Zodiac sign  please watch my FREE video for this week or visit my site.

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