Hello, I'm Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 2nd January 2017. The week begins with with the on-going blend between the Sun in Capricorn and Mars combining with Neptune in Pisces. All this can see some more traditional energies around helping those fortunate to the fore, and Health Insurance in the States and the National Health Service in the UK will be very much in the news. Last week's Capricorn New Moon continues to provide a backdrop too, and structures and worldly interactions can be sparked by this.

However, Mercury continues its retrograde initially in Capricorn before inverting to return to Sagittarius. However, by Sunday the rewind is at an end, and any tangles around contracts or miscommunication will ease by then.

The Quarter Moon of Thursday is though one which require care, seeing as it is the go-getting Aries, this can create a battle between what is expected and what would prefer to do individually. Some politics can swirl in the wake of this or the odd power battle.

This week also sees Venus return to Pisces, a zodiac sign she is exalted in, and continues the high level of Pisces influence as this year unfolds. A more idealised approach to relationships can be sparked by this, and Mars somewhat underwhelmed in Pisces, can add some welcome grist to the proverbial cosmic mill.
Saturn does though continues to forge its own great links to Uranus and Jupiter, suggesting any plans that we have for 2017 which are innovative, yet well planned have a great chance of success. To read your Weekly Horoscope for your own Zodiac sign please watch my FREE video for this week or visit my site.

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