Hullo, I'm Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 1st May 2017. The week begins with Venus gaining a toehold in the sign of Aries. Venus is in detriment in this zodiac sign - being in opposition to her ruling sign of Libra. However after this month of a rather punishing right angle with Saturn, we might all breathe a sigh of collective relief, in that at least in Aries in Venus is going to have on this occasion more vibrancy than she's been able to muster during these last few weeks. However she is continue to be challenged, this time by a point in the sky, known as the North Node, which is said to represent our emerging destiny. We may find that everyday demands and constraints have a tendency to cramp our style somewhat this week and especially around the game of life.

However this week does continue to see the conjunction between Mercury and Uranus. But the good news, is that by Wednesday Mercury ends his three-week backward rotation. It's just worth noting that he will not return to the same place in the sky until 10th June, so anything which started to get a bit tangled from 9th April may some while yet to truly unravel, mind, this combination can be wonderful for stimulating fresh ideas, reinvigorating our approach to things to be more spontaneous, and also embrace a sense of freedom in our attitudes and thinking. Of course Saturn has been forging a link with Uranus all through this year which continues, so he can add some needed stability to the intensely restless combination that these two are.

This week on Wednesday also sees a Quarter Moon in the sign of Leo. If you feel tempted to splash out and to be a bit more frivolous, perhaps it will create some much-needed levitation. But spending money on things we don't really need without understanding the true meaning behind this, is probably not going to be helpful, so reining in any very extravagant attitudes is probably for the best.

The week end also see some very powerful influences. The first between Mars and Neptune, can create some real problems. This is a square and when these two are in this angle our desires can be distorted by a shimmering mix of misinformation, or darn right lies. For example if you are thinking of buying a big ticket item, don't necessarily believe absolutely everything you are told, for it could be that someone is fabricating the reality even if it's not there absolute intention. How? Well perhaps they'd be speaking on the basis of information they'd received which was also faulty. In love, if there is someone who seems to be very hard to pin down or evasive, illusive or mysterious, proceed with caution.

Yet ironically the end of this week can be a fine time to make some significant changes in our lives particularly at an inner level, and one which can be tangible and long lasting. This is because of the fantastic angle between the Sun and the planet of transformation Pluto. Sometimes Pluto will push change on us before we are ready, reaching deep within us to tap into elements of our needs that we are yet to fully be aware of. At other times we can drive the whole process. Either way some positive alterations can bring the curtain down on this week. For more information or to watch your zodiac sign Weekly Video forecast, please see below.

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