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**** It doesn’t get any better than this!

Go for it!

*** This sign can teach you more about

sex and love relationships.

** Think twice because you may live

to regret it.

* What were you thinking?


Cancer and Aries:

This is an interesting combination that works out more than most people would think. Many sexual relationships and love affairs occur when nurturing Cancer meets sexy and ultra confident Aries. Sparks fly when Cancer gives Aries the encouragement and adoration they need. Aries sees both a future and a family in Cancer and cannot help but admire their sensuality and loyalty to others. Cancer in turn gives Aries domestic tranquility and security in both business and family relations.

Aries gives Cancer romance, passion and sex they have always dreamed of. Aries can also help shy withdrawn Cancer out of his or her shell and propel this sign into the limelight where both can shine. Friends and past loves will be fascinated and slightly jealous by how nicely they balance each other out. These two could establish a beautiful home together. Aries will lighten up Cancer’s life while Cancer provides the sexual stimulation Aries has been seeking. Cancer will always be in tune with others feelings, including Aries! 
Aries can teach Cancer that confidence will get them anywhere and everywhere they want to go.

Compatibility rating:: ***

Cancer and Taurus:

Cancer sees sensuality and loyalty that satisfies their need for security. Taurus fulfills Cancer’s secret sexual fantasies. This combination is perfect for sex and romance. They both are emotional, sensual and family oriented. There is often an element of past romance interfering when these two meet for the first time. They both could leave other love relationships once they have met and fallen in love. Cancer has finally found someone who can provide the right intensity that past lovers were unable to deliver.

These two will travel and experience many pleasurable pursuits together. Music and sensual excitement will always be evident in this attraction. Taurus loves Cancers depth and would drop everything in order to hold on to this sexy and mesmerizing sign. Sex could leave them speechless and whatever language they speak, they will not need a translator. Sex will be what attracts them and love will be what ultimately keeps them together. Taurus will need to tone down stubbornness or Cancer will feel left out and become moody. Taurus will understand Cancer more if he or she speaks up and speaks from the heart. Taurus has a stabilizing influence and can bring a sort of sexual healing into Cancers life.

Do not miss out on this opportunity. Both will benefit from this relationship.

Compatibility rating: ***

Cancer and Gemini:

This is a very popular pairing. These two meet and feel destiny from their very first conversation. An intense physical attraction could lead to a sexual relationship or perhaps a marriage. The key to making this work is both must to be willing to forgive and forget. One key issue here is Gemini’s need for space and variety at all times. Gemini is an air sign and also a mutable sign who can multitask, whereas Cancer focuses on one person, place or situation at a time. Cancer may mistake Gemini’s need for outside stimulation as a sign of sexual rejection and Gemini will get irritated by Cancer’s emotional showdowns and become agitated quickly. Gemini may flee and will pursue outside interests while Cancer will withdraw and become moody.
On the flipside, Gemini can banish Cancer blues while Cancer provides warmth and security to Gemini. Either way, this attraction is if anything, a very good learning experience for Cancer and an emotional experience for Gemini. That’s fine and well but down the line, problems can and will arise. One day, one of you could go to the store and never return.

Compatibility rating: **

Cancer and Cancer:

This has the potential to work but both are so sensitive and psychic that they could come to wish they didn’t know how to read each others minds after all. Some relationships need a little mystery. At first they will feel they have found love. They will share psychic experiences and secrets. They both agree on sex, love and devotion to significant others. Cancers feel their emotions on an almost psychic level. This could be beneficial to the relationship or it could backfire.

They are both water signs, ruled by the Moon.

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