Isn't it surprising when you find a person you know acting completely contrasting of their personality? Someone who is often seen as the most reserved person in your office can be the most gregarious one in a smaller group. It can be astonishing that someone can be two different personalities at different times or different places. Interestingly, Horoscope and Astrology has an important role to play in such cases. As per the science of Astrology, such different behaviors in one single person is due to the difference in one’s ascendant and Sun Sign.

You might already know your ascendant, the sign that was rising during the time of your birth. This sign reveals about some of your personality traits which often make up the first impression on any individual. For instance, a person with Cancer as its ascendant might look too emotional and sensitive, and also the ones who take things too personally.

Your ascendant acts similar to a wall which hides your true identity and individuality. The traits bestowed by the rising sign or the ascendant are the first-most behavioral characteristics which others observe in you. But still, with such traits, nobody can know the real you, your interests, attitude, likes, inherent traits, and nature. People get to know more clearly about you and your personality when your sun sign outshines your ascendant which usually happens when they get to know you better.

The zodiac sign or the sun sign is the Zodiac in which the Sun was at the time of your birth.  The Sun Sign possesses the power to echo your true nature, persona, and identity in a more effective manner. As per the astrology, zodiac sign holds certain traits of your personality which are not usually seen to the strangers. As we already know that these sun signs are different from the ascendants (you might have an emotional Cancer sun sign behind the bold Leo ascendant), you somewhat hear your mates saying that they found you completely contrasting what they have assumed about you in the first meet. It is usually later when you have developed a friendly association with a person, one realizes that your first impressions were the reflection of your ascendant but your sun sign represents your inner-self.

So, let's have a look at yourself as per your sun sign!

Aries people are full of life. You brighten up the lives of everyone around you. You possess a confident and winning persona. You might act bossy and aggressive at times. You are a born leader who loves to accept new challenges.

Taurus people are truthful and committed. You are dependable in nature. You support people in their bad times. You are a warm-hearted person with a loving and nurturing persona. You act lazy at times.

Geminis are entertaining and clever. You are talkative in nature and can speak about anything and everything. You like to have new experiences in life. Your attitude is a bit complicated and unpredictable.

Cancer people are protective and guiding. You are likely to offer a parental care to your loved ones. You possess strong intuitions and also tend to be an emotional and sensitive person.

Leo people are outspoken as well as loud. You share an opinion on almost all the things. You possess a charming, joyous and entertaining persona. You have a high self-esteem.

Virgo people are down to earth. You possess a friendly and practical attitude. You are likely to worry about little things. You turned out to be anxious if things are not going as per your choice.
Libra people are classy and graceful. You possess strong and excellent communication skills. You are likely to be admired by people. You think a lot and thus tend to be indecisive.

Scorpio people are mysterious and secretive. You keep your thoughts to oneself. And thus everyone wonders what will be your next move. You are a confident and determined individual.
Sagittarius people are open-hearted and open-minded people. You act biased sometimes. You hold a joyous and lively persona which attract people. You are a straightforward person.
Capricorn people are fun-loving and entertaining. It takes a lot of time to understand your true personality and nature. You are a headstrong, humble, funny and determined person.

Aquarius people are unpredictable. You are likely to be a social butterfly who loves to be a part of discussions. You are a free-spirit. You sometimes disregard people and are lost in your own world.
Pisces people are introvert and shy. You take a lot of time to communicate and develop an association with someone. You are a great companion who help others and cares a lot. You tend to be over-sensitive at times.

It is a stated fact in astrology that the first impressions of any person are usually not true and also misleading. So, if you have left a bad impression on someone in your first go, then don’t be upset as at some or other point of time, the facade would break and the true colors of your personality will shine through your sun sign.

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