Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 4th February 2019. The week begins with two important developments. First up there is a New Moon in the Democratic zodiac sign of Aquarius. This angles brilliantly to Jupiter the planet of justice, knowledge, travel, and exploration. This combination can be wonderful in reflecting the collective will of people in the following month. Sociability, and nonjudgemental approaches can also gain favour.

However Monday also sees Venus sweep into the more conservative sign of Capricorn. This can be a fine time to formalise relationships, develop professional ties, get to know a partner's family better, to make serious plans around property improvements, or can see people attracted to those of a different age group.

But Monday to Thursday does also see the continuing right angle between Jupiter and Neptune which has been distorting reality for some while. Whilst this can stimulate our imaginations and even our spiritual instincts it is still going to be important to be rooted in facts and figures, as much as our senses. With Jupiter and Neptune both located in Muable signs just now, if you do encounter someone who seems to be vague, evasive, or shifty, then do listen to your instincts.

If you recall the North Node or the Point of Destiny inverted back into the sign of Cancer on 7 November last year. This week this forges a right angle with Uranus the planet of rebelliousness, which for now remains in the sign of Aries, and with regard to this particular transit for just one more month. This may see any tensions around family, or emotional issues boil to the surface. If there has been an almost implicit way that things of always worked someone could decide to rock the boat, be more confrontational or difficult.

Ironically from Friday to Sunday Uranus forges a fine link to Mercury, and this is a very logical angle which can be brilliant for innovation, fresh approaches, strokes of genius, and taking the initiative to think outside of the box. Perhaps the outcome of these two Uranus influences points towards the fact that change is never easy, but can be neccessary to evolve the status quo.

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