Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 4th March 2019. This week sees Mercury go into retrograde in Pisces. This will last until the 27th of March. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, Hermes in Greek mythology. The planet is neither benefic nor malefic, but he is the intermediary ‘postman’ who takes and delivers messages. Now, in the sign of Pisces his in detriment, being as he is here, both square and opposite the signs that he governs, of Gemini and Virgo. So this particularly retrograde has high potential to slow down, and blur the details of situations and see them affected by emotion, and the subconscious.

Furthermore this Wednesday sees a New Moon, ironically in Pisces, but one which merges with the co-ruler of Pisces, Neptune. So the next four weeks (the period of influence of the New Moon) can be a time of heightened sensitivity, empathy, and understanding, and a positive enhancement of anything to do with the arts, but particularly film, photography, music and performance. But perhaps less constructively, facts and figures can be immersed in the more watery vibes that prevail, and with Mercury retracing his steps, this could cause some misunderstandings.

Fortunately Venus is getting a great toehold in the sign of Aquarius, which is a more logical location for the planet of relating, and this can help to offset some of the debilitating influence of the retrograde. But also this is a week which sees Uranus return to Taurus. If you remember Taurus went through its first phase of its transit through the sign of the Bull, from the middle of May through to 6th November. But it also was in the turbulent right angle to Mars, and instead of that occurring this time its move into Taurus when Mars is now located can be a very positive force but also trigger change. Because the joint influence of these two energies although they are not conjunct, it has to be said, puts a lot more emphasis on the earthly, practical values of the 2nd zodiac sign. It asks us to consider things like money, like foundations, like the things that are more permanent in our worlds, and consider whether these are ripe for the application of greater energy or perhaps revision and update in the case of Uranus.

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