Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 18th March 2019. This week sees the two big hitters or higher octave planets of Saturn and Pluto entering a 3° wide conjunction which will last through to the middle of June. Saturn is of course very much about structures, but it is also about limitation and can create frustration and restriction when it impacts on our Natal and Solar Horoscope positions in a meaningful way. Pluto on the other hand is very much about transformation, but it can also be about secrets, power, desire and domination. Putting these two together in the Conservative sign of Capricorn, suggest that despite great resistance (Saturn, which is the ruler of Capricorn) Pluto can enforce change, even around well-established situations.

Rather fascinatingly, the birth Chart of the United Kingdom sees the country in Capricorn at 10°, but with a Moon at 19° Cancer, in the 10th House. The Ascendant is Libra at 7°. This week Saturn will be directly opposite the UK's Natal Moon, and the North Node in Cancer (the Point of Destiny) opposed by Pluto also in Capricorn. The absolute conjunction between Saturn and Pluto will occur next year in 2020, but the very public Brexit debate is played out very visibly with the Moon in such a highly prominent part of the country’s chart.

From all these interrelated planetary connections what we are seeing here is a long established Union which is creaking under pressure with some people wish to maintain the more traditional features of Britain's independence, whilst others, preferring to stay part of your Europe. There is no doubt this is an absolute fight for power. And of course at this stage it remains rather unclear who will actually prevail.

When Saturn and Pluto are so closely interaction in a conjunction together the Teutonic plates which have held the UK together so long since the Northern Ireland and the Union with Scotland and with Wales, could potentially start unravel. Or are we going to ultimately see proportional representation replace the first past the post electoral system?

These are certainly giant issues to consider, and with the Vernal Equinox occurring at 21.58 GMT on Wednesday, with the Sun returning to the sign of Aries and the beginning of the astrological tropical zodiac, we also have a Full Moon in the sign of Libra. So this week is in some ways about new beginnings, but relationships are at the heart of this dissent with Europe or between Britain's themselves, and this is magnified by this week's square between Venus and Mars. The two planets of relating are hardly on the most equitable terms in this particular angle, and if there is a weak tie in your situation than it could provide much food for thought, especially with Mercury rewinding in the sign of Pisces still.

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