Do you believe that you know everything about your zodiac sign? After reading this article, you might have to reconsider your judgment. Below you will find all the unheard facts about your zodiac sign, read on to find out.

Everyone knows that people born under the sign of Aquarius are extremely generous and understanding. But did you also know that they will let nothing, absolutely nothing come in their way of changing the world for good? Name any sacrifice, and they’ll make it in the name of saving the world without flinching! While it may seem like an innate quality of a true leader, it can also be considered a sociopathic trait by people who do not know this dark little secret of Aquarius.

While Pisces are known for their spirituality, they are certainly not an angel descended straight from heaven to make the world a better place. The wrath of a Pisces is calm & collected. Ever heard of the phrase “Revenge is the dish best served cold,” well I am certain it was a Pisces who invented the very technique enumerated by this phrase. They have the uncanny ability to make you feel like everything is your fault if they believe that you hurt them on purpose. 

The people belonging to this sign are known for their vibrant and warm personality. This sign is all about being genuine; despite the fact that they have much acquaintanceship, (who am I kidding? They are all the fans!) Aries only really want the most real people in the list of their best friends. A well-dressed Aries who loves to go to fancy places might appear materialistic, but deep down they have the purest souls, and they crave for the same purity in their personal relati

We know that Taurus is not very chatty. But here is the twist; do you know why Taurus is especially attractive for the opposite gender? Because they can make a conversation about literally ANYTHING! Women love to talk, and Taurus men are a perfect blend of listener and talker. And they love trivia! Ask them something like: “Can I buy a star?” and they would surprise you by naming three services that literally sell stars. I bet you didn’t know that! 

Everyone says that a Gemini can be diplomatic. But you should also have faith in a Gemini’s ability to be unpredictable. They can speak their mind, even if it destroys their personal relations. And they can speak it out loud! Gemini has no intention of hiding what they feel about something. If given a chance, they speak their hearts out on a public issue! The unapologetic expression of their thoughts is charming. 

The sweetest thing a Cancer does is retreating in their shell like a crab would, simply because they are too shy to handle the compliments! They don’t think of themselves highly, and neither would they admit to undermining their positive traits. Along with the understanding and intuitive nature, they are quite humble. They also dislike being the center of attention. You will never find them fishing for compliments like their neighbor Leos who are always flaunting themselves.   

Someone who looks at a Leo using the rose-tinted glasses would think that their life is all about succeeding. But those who know a Leo well know that they tend to get attached. It is a good trait because it means that your Leo partner/friend will be loyal to you. But if a Leo gets attached to toxic people or ideas, then it is likely that they will destroy themselves in the process of holding onto them. 

Everyone gets annoyed by a Virgo because of one specific trait: their criticism. Virgo has an eye for detail, and we all know that. But people assume that they criticize others only. It is true that unless you are in a Virgo’s inner circle, (good luck with that!) you won’t hear them talk about their shortcomings. It is when you become one of the trusted few that they start opening up: and boy, do they criticize themselves! Because they believe that they know themselves better than anyone else does, they think their criticism is justified and true. The self-deprecating thoughts can have a negative effect on them. 

They are not the happiest people you’ll come across. They carry themselves with such grace & dignity that you might not be able to tell if they’re genuinely happy or just faking it. The reason behind this façade is the fact that they cannot hurt anyone. 
A Libra thrives on the knowledge that they have made people smile and they would do anything in their power to ensure that they do not disturb people in their surroundings. They are probably the least dramatic people you will meet. 

Popular among their suitors, you might find a Sagittarius cheerfully occupied by members of the opposite sex on a party. They deserve that, they are impeccable at impressing people with their charming personality and sharp wits. But a Sagittarius *LOVES* the chase! And by that, I mean, they love chasing. Don't worry if you missed out on that date last week. They will likely ask you out again next week, simply because you had the nerve to cancel. 

They are jealous! Period. Some argue that an evolved Scorpio never gets jealous. Instead, they use their resolve to get where they want to be in their lives. I would say that is not true. They are just good at masking who they are. Therefore, they tend to conceal their true emotions. 

Don't let a Capricorn get mad at you. We all know that this friendly, loving and extremely caring sea goat is not hot-tempered. They are not charming at social parties like a Leo or an Aries, but they are the kind of people you can chill with on a quiet, lazy weekend. This calm exterior; however, should not be fooled for weakness. A Capricorn can utter words that cut like a knife when they are mad. Wrong them once, and you will see that they can retaliate and hit right where it hurts.  

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