Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 13th May 2019. The week begins with the Sun and Mercury continuing in the sign of Taurus. This is pushing us to appreciate the good things we have in our lives, and also become more closely aware of our core values on the basis of our existence. For those who enjoy home cooking, growing their own vegetables, pickling, or even making wine or beer, this can be a glorious time. For those in the northern hemisphere this can also be the perfect moment to enjoy the outdoor space of homes, and make improvements to the garden ready for the rest of the summer.

But Wednesday sees a magical moment when Venus also moves into the sign of Taurus, and Venus rules this sign, and immediately goes alongside the planet of surprises Uranus. And one of the lovely things that can occur can be some kind of windfall, and whether it's finding money down the back of the sofa, or in a jacket we've not worn for some while, or something more significant, but any little stroke of fortune can certainly be pleasing. But also Mars moves on Thursday into Cancer. Now, it has to be said this is not Mars's favourite location, after all Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and is a Water sign, and the fire of Mars, could on the face of it be dampened down.

But actually Mars forges a glorious link with Venus and Uranus too, and this can be a time when the enterprising approach that the Sun and Mercury have been helping us with can be augmented by the two planets’ of love. Now, with Uranus in the link things can course be less straightforward, but in a very exciting, rather random way. And it's possible that something can unfold which can prove rather delightful, with people popping by unexpectedly, someone's unforeseen generosity, or just the mutual enjoyment of good food and wine with the people we love.

Because Venus and Mars are going to be forging a beautiful link all through this week, and before they move signs, this can obviously be good for romance. But again with Uranus influencing proceedings it could be that a tie has run its course but with Uranus’s help can suddenly prise the involvement apart, but for the right reasons because there is nothing mutually to be gained any longer, and both parties can accept that it's better to be more independent and move on.

But equally if you are lucky enough to have a date with someone, and don't have any prescribed ideas about who this may be or how the day will go it's just likely that it will have something a little bit different or novel about it as well as some more traditional features.

Saturday also sees a Full Moon, in the deep and intense sign of Scorpio. This asks us to be mindful of our cash flow, for even if some bonuses or improvements in our situations occur, came with Uranus's influence we could do something more impetuous or impulsive, and certainly when it comes to shared finances, we just been reminded to work collaboratively with our partner, and just consider any longer term costs that we may not be so able to meet every splash out in the here and now.

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