Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 10th June 2019. The week begins with a wonderful exact opposition between the Sun and Jupiter. This began last Friday and continues until this Thursday. This is a fine chance to be upbeat and progressive about the things that are important to us. If we tend to be a bit more cautious in our approach this particular aspect encourages us to just go for it and see where it takes us. Of course I'm not suggesting for a minute the anyone should be reckless, if there is a situation that does demand a leap of faith embracing the moment can be a smart thing to do. This could be around our romantic situation, a hunch we get about business project, or even if we decide to enjoy a little bit of an affordable flutter. Because the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are involved it also will pay to be flexible in our thinking at this time. There can be lots of ideas exchanged and the more open-minded we are about how they influenced our pathway the more we can benefit. Taking a fixed and intransigent approach is going to be less helpful.

Ironically a more restrictive influence overlays the Sun opposition with Jupiter and that's the clash between Mars/Mercury and Saturn. With Mars in the sensitive sign of Cancer it's certainly not a time to be overly defensive about our emotions. Mercury here can also cloud our logic. We may encounter somebody who is very resistant to what we want to achieve, and quite hidebound, and the type of character who enjoys laying out the rules, and a person like this could prove to be rather exasperated. But also trying to achieve anything on the home or property front things might not flow quite as quickly as we would like, so this aspect does tend to temper the more exuberant and upbeat bright vibration of the Sun's opposition with Jupiter.

Fortunately all through this week Mars does forge a beautiful angle with Neptune, and in so doing conjuncts exactly with the North Node which is the gravitational emotional pull of the heavens at the present time. This suggests that if we can let go of our own totally personal agendas, be a bit more self-sacrificing the rewards can follow.

With Mercury and Mars close together, try to avoid jumping to any kind conclusions this week. Exchanges can be quite fast moving at times, but at others more stilted and this could lead to us questioning our motives or approach. But the good news is that Venus is forging a lovely semi sextile with Uranus, and something unexpected can happen socially or around a relationship, which can prove to be really pleasing and up lifting.

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