Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 24th June 2019. The week the Sun in Cancer forges a brilliant link to Uranus located in Taurus. Although can serine energy can often be a little bit conservative, this combination pushes us to think about ways in which we can take some fresh approaches to our home life, organization, and resources. Novel approaches may well pay off really well. This may mean being more experimental, whether that is about space management, building materials used, or using the home itself to create revenues, perhaps through a business based in the abode.

With Venus continuing its opposition with Jupiter through to midweek, there can be a sense of optimism in the air, which can create some welcome uplift in the general atmosphere. If you had an enjoyable time last weekend, from this aspect this can feed into this weeks events.

Still, there is a Quarter Moon on Tuesday in the sign of Aries, and here we are being encouraged not to be too impulsive about our personal plans. Aries is the sign of initiation, and the moon here can move quickly and potentially serious do something little rashly which may not be in our best personal interests.

Thursday however sees Mercury arrives in the sign of Leo. This is an excellent location, brings to an end a 21 day period, when the logic of Mercury was submerged by the more watery vibe of Cancer. We may begin to feel a little more playful, plan events for the week end, which includes getting together with love one's, or friends. Mercury in Leo is excellent to showcasing any kind of performance talent, whether it should be to do with singing dancing writing, or the arts.

Saturn continues to forge an excellent that sextile with Neptune great for combing form and function, and this in turn angles well to the North Node. However Saturn and the North Node remain in complete opposition, so it is possible the desire to create peaceful and secure home environment is possible could be challenged by more worldly demands. All of this is paving the way the next weeks potent Total Solar Eclipse, and I shall share more about that, next time.

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