Your rising sign plays a crucial and important relationship to your Sun sign. It tells how you face life. Some rising signs can complement a Sun sign; while others may act in opposition.It is difficult and would be a lucky guess to determine a person's Sun sign from his or her outer appearance. For example, a Leo with a conservative Virgo ascendant would come across as more serious and less dramatic than a Leo with a strong rising sign like Aries. Since your rising sign is the first impression you make on others and how others see you, it is important to know yours. Once you learn this, you might view astrology in a new light. As I learned after many years of study, I personally feel more aspects of my rising sign than my Sun sign. Where the other planets fall in your personal horoscope and in whatever House they reside in create the full picture and give you insight to who you uniquely are. It is crucial for an accurate reading to know your exact time of birth. The more precise your birth time, the more accurately an Astrologer can analyze and interpret the position of the planets at your birth and provide a spot on reading. If you are unsure about your time of birth, know it within a few hours or don't know it at all, I have created a list to help you see which image you feel best applies to you.

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Aries Rising: High Energy, Energy Energy
You are an aggressive person with a boundless and plentiful energy that can take you anywhere you feel free to roam. Watch for a tendency to overreact emotionally or lose it altogether when things don't go your way. This is a passionate ascendant that can be seen as impetuous by others. You are competitive, a positive asset to any business or athletic team and you like to move quickly and precisely and you tend to get impatient with others too easily. Guard against this tendency. This could lead to headaches, head injuries and accidents involving your face and head. You walk with your head forward which is very characteristic of Aries. You love to wear bright, beautiful colors, especially red. You also love to drive fast and want to be the first one to get in line when a new item becomes trendy. You are the trendsetter of the rising signs.

Taurus Rising: Creature Comforts
You tend to be slow moving, with a beautiful and distinctive speaking or singing voice that is naturally melodious and can make others feel soothed and relaxed. This ascendant yearns for the good life. You most likely surround yourself with good food, great comforts, luxurious surroundings and other sensual pleasures. You could be a collector or own a collection of anything you consider to be rare and valuable. You are a homebody who prefers others to come over to your house. In fact you love welcoming just about anyone into your home rather than socializing elsewhere. You have a natural talent for business, especially trading, real estate and import/export ventures. This ascendant gives the impression of a well fed physique. You tend to gain weight easily and this can cause you to withdraw. Females with this placement however, tend to be very seductive with their curvaceous figures.

 Gemini Rising: Communicate and Disseminate
This a social, open and fun individual to be around. Naturally outgoing, with lighter, ethereal mannerisms than others of your own sign, especially if you're female. You love nothing more than to communicate with people of all walks of life. You can express your thoughts, ideas and opinions very easily and effectively. This placement has a natural talent for writing, speaking and communication, verbal and non-verbal. This is someone who thrives on variety, in an ever changing atmosphere and MUST have a lively social life. You might come across as surface, however deep down you can relate to most and others do not realize the depth you possess. You are also far more loving, caring and nurturing than you tend to project. This ascendant is usually widely travelled, changes partners and even jobs more than once. You might even try to have two loves at one time. This placement is always torn between two people, places or things. Physically, watch out for your central nervous system. You could be prone to anxiety when you nerves get sensitive. It would be a great idea to occasionally take breaks or short trips to get away from all of the chaos and noise around you. This would benefit not only you but those you are close with as well.Bottom Line: You need breaks from all that socializing. This brings a sense of calmness into your chaotic life.

Cancer Rising: Tender emotions
This ascendant is naturally acquisitive, private, sensitive and a natural money maker. You are very private on the surface. However, once someone gets to know you they realize that yo

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