Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 2nd September 2019. The potency of last week's SuperMoon continues to pour its energy into this week. Think of any part of your situation which can be reformed through hard work attention to detail and a can-do attitude and apply your intent.

This needs to include an openness to novel or unique ways of approaching things. If you're a creature of habit this could of course be a little bit challenging, but sometimes the biggest buzz we can get is from learning the skill or new approach outside our comfort zone, and this can be precisely one of those times. If you gain pleasure from helping others, again fresh approach thinking about something laterally can pay dividends.

However it has to be said that Neptune is going to have a major impact this week. And as much as the galvanising influence of the stallion of planets in Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are going to be big features Neptune in Pisces can distort and drain whatever is not utterly pragmatic and well thought through and constructed.

Still, with Venus forging a lovely angle to Saturn through to mid week, a financial or relationship issue which is going well can be firmed up in a really pleasing and encouraging way.

The first twelve days of September also sees the Sun and Mars closely tethered together. This is going to bring extra spark and motivation and a bit more devilment to the Sun's passage through Virgo, and with Saturn anchoring both in the second half of this week, ambitions and goals which had been painstakingly worked towards can firm up.

From mid-week does also however see Venus forge a highly passionate link to Pluto, and this can help us to appreciate those that really matter in our lives. Even in a long-term relationship we can gain a deeper understanding the benefits and values that are shared. Equally it could be a time when sweet nothings are exchanged. However with Mercury in opposition to Neptune as this week draws to a close and also a Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, fact can be stranger than fiction so if you do meet someone for the first time, even if they are highly alluring, it's probably better to take a step-by-step approach to getting to know them well.

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