Hullo, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 7th October 2019. Last week's Quarter Moon provides a backdrop to this week and this brings a cautious note to bear when it comes to relating to others. Still, this is no bad thing It makes us consider our inter-relations with others sincerely. This week however also sees the on going opposition between Mercury and Uranus which began last week, and in effect until mid week. This can create quite a lot of nervous energy, and is if we are a little bit stuck in our ways can prompt us to be more open-minded about how we approach things. Equally this is an influence which can be quite inspirational and an innovative idea to improve a financial situation may also emerge.

Wednesday is an important marker, for it sees Venus make its way Scorpio for a 28 day rather sensual transit, and one which could spark a sudden attraction with someone new, or trigger the need for extra excitement or freedom in an existing relationship.

With Mars going into a tense Quincunx with Uranus from mid week to the end of the week, decision-making can be erratic around partnerships and money.

Fortunately all week Jupiter makes a fine link with Pluto, which is perfect for embracing any transformations.

Fascinatingly as this week draws to a close Mercury is anchored well by Saturn, great for structuring our ideas clearly, and the Sun makes an awesome angle from Friday to Sunday with Jupiter itself, which is one of the most reinforcing and self-confident of angles. So where there is a tie that we feel comfortable with, especially if there are shared philosophies or love of travel, it could go from strength to strength.

That said the Aries Full Moon on Sunday also sees the Sun squaring with Pluto, and if in a relationship dynamic it seems that there is an imbalance in the sharing of responsibilities decisions or power between one member of a couple, it may need to be addressed at this time.

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