The potency of the Aries Full Moon, is a marked feature of this week. This is really going to ask us to consider the validity of our relationships. In ties that are sound there is an opportunity to bring issues into the open that can improve things furthermore. With the Sun in a stunning angle with Jupiter through to midweek, optimism can be important and helpful.

Yet the Sun also squares up to Pluto for much of the week, and this energy was threaded through the full Moon, so power plays are also possible. Indeed with Mars in quincunx with Uranus, nervous energy can be high.

Pleasingly Mercury in Scorpio forges a beautiful angle to Neptune. Whatever we are dealing with listening to our inner voices is going to be essential. Venus continues in the sign of Scorpio too but by mid week is no longer opposed by restless Uranus.

The main theme of this week therefore to keep things on an even keel through the energies of Libra, but decipher what's truly meaningful through the energies of Scorpio, resist hasty moves through the energies of Aries, but expect caution through both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

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